Show Time: 18:00 | Outdoor Stage


Cristian aka Rasta 1/4th of PonDiCorner crew also known under his DJ hat as SEEKEER is a popular artist originally from Carapipi Sicily and based in Malta since 2013. With his versatile musical moods; his eclectic style makes you swing from roots reggae to hip-hop and breakbeat. Jungle, D&B to more experimental electronic music styles.

Talented DJ but also MC Rapper and active Member of local reggae/hip-hop crew Pon Di Corner, Cristian writes authentic lyrics and sings both in Italian and English.

Known by the local scene for his friendly smile and warm vibe, SEEKER is also currently managing the bar and programming at Rocky Valley Garden.

Head to Tigullio complex in St Julians before MARLEY FEST to get your tickets from the man himself and you may get to see him playing a spontaneous set at Rocky Valley Garden!

LISTEN to some of his music below!


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