Show Time: 02:00 | Indoor Stage


Bader aka BeLights is a passionate music entrepreneur with a multi-tasking artistic profile as DJ and Host but also as promoter and events organiser, and occasionally Live Visual Artist as well as video producer.

Born in Libya, he spent over 10 years in India where he has been involved in building the local reggae scene from its inception as part of the collective Reggae Rajahs; which has now grown into what is India’s first and most popular reggae soundsystem.

Since moving to Malta in 2013, BeLights has been very active in the local scene. From starting an online hub dedicated to promoting the local underground music scene, ROOTZISLAND, he has also produced many successful shows across the island, hosting many local and internationally acclaimed artists such as Mellow Mood(Italy), General Levy(Uk), Million Stylez(Sweden), Micah Shemaiah(Jamaica) to name a few.

Founder and co-producer of MARLEY FEST, he is known locally for his passion and dedication to pushing the scene forward by bringing in fresh vibes and setting new trends for the local industry.


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